A Pen by Captain Anonymous

Why we should use technology in schools

Technology is a massive part of students’ everyday lives (especially in the midst of our technological generation), so would the potential introduction of tech in lessons benefit the academic lives of FHS pupils or simply bring about unnecessary problems?

We’ve already experienced tech in our classrooms with the use of ‘smart’ boards, projectors and some computers, and these have proved to be a massive success in terms of our learning as well as being practical for teaching. Projectors have been used for a few years now and are considered as a basic element of the classroom; they’ve enabled teachers to share their notes with pupils and has made teaching much easier. In the recent year(s) smart boards have been introduced, helping us to learn essential information more efficiently and also allowing us to interact with the subject which increases our level of understanding. Generally, we can see that technology has largely benefited lessons at FHS, so surely introducing more smart tech (such as laptops, tablets, etc) in lessons would be a good idea? There would certainly be many positive aspects to this idea, that vary from not having to carry heavy bags around (as all the textbooks would be downloaded on a tablet), to the reduction of printed paper which would improve our environment. It has also been proven that the use of smart tech in lessons has motivated pupils to engage more in the work as it’s made lessons more enjoyable.

However, there would of course be some issues raised; for instance, many people have expressed concerns that if more students began to type instead of write in class, it is possible that the next generations won’t be taught how to write at all, losing out on a vital skill. There is also the obvious danger that pupils might get distracted if they brought in their own device, but this problem could be solved by using school-supplied tablets/computers. Finally, if the device does not function properly for whatever reason, there would be limited ways to carry on with the lesson since all of the work and resources are online.

A lot of technology is present in the classrooms of Francis Holland, but there is definitely room for more to be explored in order to see whether school life can be improved. However at the end of the day, a combination of the old and new could prove to be the winning combination and can co-exist in the years to come.