New Technology

As time moves forward, so does technology. Over the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the amount of technology produced. The current statistics state that (from December 2015) there have been 3,366 million people using the internet and that 46.4% of the world's population is now using the internet in some way. These statistics are huge compared to when the internet was first created in 1995, where only 0.4% of the population was using the internet (around 16 million users).

New iPhone Rumours

Rumours have been published by many sources about Apple's new iPhone and what new features are to be expected. One rumour states that Apple are planning on taking away the iPhone headphone slot on the phone, thus making the phone thinner and letting people listen to music via Bluetooth more accessibly. The speakers are also being said to be moved onto the side of the iPhone. One other rumour that has been mentioned by 'techradar' is that Apple is actually removing the newest addition to the iPhone, 3D touch. If this rumour is true, this is definitely a dramatic change, as the newest addition to the iPhone is being taken away. This is a big departure for the technology giant and perhaps shows us a new, and more unpredictable, pattern of development.