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Australia: Bushy Breakdown

Australia has been stuck by hairy hysteria! Last week, residents of Wangaratta, Australia woke up to find their homes had been consumed by a form of tumbleweed named Panicum Effusum. The furry monstrosity took days to clear up and reached roof height in some communities.

Washington USA: cure for cancer?

A new blood cancer treatment has been discovered at the University of Washington Medical Centre. The surgery uses genetically modified white blood cells to improve the patients’ immune system. It is still in its first trial stages and results are ambiguous. The operation is different to chemo-therapy as instead of killing both the tumor and some healthy cells surrounding it, the modified white blood cells are engineered to only target the cancer cells. Real? Or no big deal?

China: World's Biggest Telescope

China is building the world’s largest telescope to try and search for extra-terrestrial life. The new 500-metre-diameter radio telescope in Guizhou is meant to be completed in September costing around £127,000,000. To make space for the building site, over 9,000 people are required to leave their homes, and are only recieving £1,275 compensation.Telescope or Tell Them Nope?

Qatar: Tiger on the loose, escaping abuse!

An escaped tiger was spotted on Doha motorway in Qatar, after falling out of a lorry. The tiger was seen with a chain around his neck and is presumed to be the pet of a wealthy individual in Qatar; after a long struggle, the feline was recaptured by four men, who brutally shoved it back into the lorry then drove off down the Doha Expressway.

Cambridge, UK: the fungus that started the human race

University of Cambridge scientists have discovered a 440million –year-old Diminutive tortotubus fungus without which you would not have existed. This organism was the first ever to leave the sea and start inhabiting land. The fossilised Scottish fungus is the oldest example of a land dwelling species ever discovered. It was crucial for humans as it kick-started the process of soil formation that allowed plants to grow and attract animals onto dry land. The fungus is smaller than the width of a human hair and “fills in an important in the evolution of life on land”, according to Dr. Smith of the University of Cambridge.

Cambodia: Money Flushed Away?

A Thai princess visited one of Cambodia's poorest reigons where a $40,000 luxury lavatory was imported there for her use. However, Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn did not use the custom-made facility during her stay. Critics are questioning whether it would have been better to spend the money on providing WCs for some of the nation's schools where there is no sanitation at all.

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