BBC School News Report


Recent research has shown evidence that a new dwarf planet has been found by a Japanese Subaru telescope in Hawaii. It has been said that there are many other dwarf planets in the Kuiper belt but the newly found dwarf planet isn’t just any dwarf planet: its current name is V774104 and it is nine-and-a-half billion miles away from the sun, two to three times more than Pluto. It lies on the Kuiper Belt and could possibly be setting the record for the furthest planet in the solar system. Whether the dwarf planet will move closer or further away from the sun, like Pluto, is still not determined. What has been learned is that it is the most distant object in the solar system.


The FBI is trying to unlock an iPhone used by a San Bernadino in December 2015. The FBI want to run software that could go through the 10,000 possible combinations to unlock the gunman's handset quickly. The FBI has asked Apple to disable the feature on an iPhone that erases the data after ten incorrect attempts at the four-digit password.

Apple and its supporters claim the FBI is asking it to effectively create a back-door into its products, with no way of guaranteeing that these workarounds will only be used by the "good guys". The company also argues that a precedent like this would strengthen law enforcers' hands when demanding other workarounds that further erode encryption and privacy. For its part, the FBI says it is only asking Apple to do what was standard practice before the company made changes to its operating system, and the court order only covers a single phone.

By Hend, Juliette, Ariadna and Maria, Francis Holland School