Should Britain leave the EU?

David Cameron’s pledge to negotiate a better treaty with the EU, using the possibility of Britain’s exit form the European union as a bargaining chip, has come back to haunt him. Despite Cameron’s ‘special status’ deal with the EU, many voters are still backing an Out vote on the 23rd of June. This fight by the Prime Minister against leaving the European union has become especially personal, with some of his closest political friends and allies siding against him.

There are arguments for both sides, and voracious supporters for both sides.

Arguments for Out

Small and medium sized business are hugely restricted by EU regulation while not actually benefiting from the union, say some pro-exit campaigners. They argue that it would be a lift for business in the UK if we left the EU. It has also been argued that, while the UK would not be part of the EU free trade area if it stopped being a member state, the shared interest in trade would not be reduced by a change in the treaty and the requirement to trade would force bilateral trade agreements and deals. Another strong push factor is immigration. The fear factor generated by the images of chaos and human agony on our borders, whether close by at Calais or far in Macedonia, is another push factor out of a Europe which cannot apparently control or agree its border policies.

Supporters of the Out campaign:

Arguments for In

Over 50% of all our exports go into EU countries, but if we left the European Union, we might not be able to control the way our exports are sold or regulated. This could lead to unfavourable export deals that may be damaging to our recovering economy. Another argument for staying in is that jobs may be lost if links with European companies were broken by an Out vote, which again could cause our economy to falter.

Supporters of the In campaign:

We took a survey on the different opinions in our school, asking ‘Should Britain leave the EU?’ These are the results:

Ayesha, Adelina, Iqan and Marina, Francis Holland School