School Applications

In our modern stressful lives we face at least once the pressurizing process of applying to schools. From early age children are urged to be the top of the class and achieve the best scores and grades possible. The competition and pressure is created by the sudden increase of children, causing an increase in demand for places at school, therefore it is hard to give everybody a space in the desired school. Parents also have a major influence in children and teenage stress, they want their children to compete with other children and succeed. Experts say that pressure and stress is not good mental health and actually doesn’t help you sort the problem out seeing as it effects the way you feel, think and the way your body functions. This can lead to disturbed sleeping, distraction headaches and muscle cramps. In bigger doses, it can lead to lower self-esteem and loss of appetite. As you know it is very hard to get into a school because of the increase of competition. Today, children are advised by their teachers to apply to at least three schools because almost 1 in 5 families miss out on their first choice of schools and 5% miss out on every school that they applied to. The top schools today are mainly in the US. But the top three today are: Insead (France / Singapore), Harvard business school (US), London Business School (UK). Even though you might not have heard of those three schools, you will have defiantly heard of at least one in the top lists, and you would want to get into a good school and have a good education.